The pace of change is only increasing.


Against this background we help brands identify their purpose and a powerful direction of travel. We believe in strategy, simplified yet sound.


We believe brands today are primarily experienced in dynamic and interactive mediums. Our creative energy shapes the ideas that transforms brands and creates connections with customers and audiences.


We are an international brand strategy, creative and design consultancy in our 23rd year. We help brands deal with change. We bring direction and energy to brands. We are in London, Yorkshire, Chicago, Hong Kong and wherever in the world we are needed via our Pop-up Agency model.  Our DesignSprint™ approach is based on focused and close collaboration with our clients, their business and their brands.

What we do

Helping brands deal with change


When a new brand is needed to build a new business platform, drive a new product, reach new customers or optimise a brand portfolio.


When you have a brand that's sales are waning and it is a case of either letting it drift and die or really getting under the skin and finding out why the consumer is turning off.


We help brands adapt to significant change. We help re-position and renovate brands to address new market circumstances and build new value.


We can assist in catalysing the project with the whole client team from development and operations to marketing and sales.


A rescue when a project starts to lack direction and drive - we give brands the opportunity to drop in a team to get the project back on track and to get the team motivated. We work effectively as a facilitator to bring direction before reverting back to a more business as usual way of working.


Drive local market brand activity to help a smaller scale client team or business achieve more, this also gives the opportunity to run a ‘proof of concept’ before rolling the brand idea out further in the business.


Redefining and reshaping a brief - where although there is a brief, there is also an element of lack of direction, not everyone in the team is on the same page. Whilst we can help with the final product we can help earlier on the in process to help frame the brief.


To break the looping effect - often a project will get close to delivery only to loop back round, this could be due to either late research or internal decisions - rather than have time consuming and expensive loops - we can be deployed as the loop solution.

Our Services

Brand Strategy & Creation

Brand strategy, consulting, purpose & positioning
Brand portfolio, architecture and segmentation
Brand innovation strategy
Naming & verbal identity
Identity & design
Brand evolution
Brand world and experience creation
Brand storytelling


Brand Activation & Implementation

Packaging design
Brand guardianship
Communications & campaigns
Experiences & environments
3D & form design
Film, photography & styling
Print & reproduction
Toolkits & guidelines

Who we work with

A collaborative approach

We work with start-ups, local and global brands.  We offer deep expertise in consumer, retail and service markets.  Our experience working with both brand owners and channel partners can offer valuable perspectives and connections.   We have a strong track record of handling large and complex projects.  Many of our clients have been with us for many years, indeed our longest standing current client relationship is over 14 years.

How we work

Insightful & nimble


This unique approach, developed with our friends at The Big Picture, integrates insight, design and the client team in a focused and collaborative approach that overcomes silos to enable the exploration of new brand propositions and innovations in real-time. DesignSprint brings consumer insight directly into the design process using traditional, virtual and on-line ethnographic and insight tools, enabling rapid design iteration in a test and learn environment.


We put 'pop-up' agency teams into markets as diverse as France, the USA, Dubai and Pakistan for clients to achieve results quickly and collaboratively with the best talent for the project. This gives a direct, immediate and unique market perspective for design and provides a stimulating and dynamic environment for working that often leads to better outcomes and greater levels of client collaboration.

Our team

Many Hands. One Mind.

We are a team of brand advocates, marketers, creative thinkers, designers, writers and problem solvers. We deliver direction together and we infuse energy and passion into our work.