DesignSprint is a collaborative approach to brand design and innovation developed in partnership with The Big Picture, a world leading global insight agency specialising in design. We integrate design, insight and brand in a closely collaborative process based on an agile working approach that moves brands forward, fast. DesignSprint overcomes existing siloes and slow, expensive processes to deliver change.

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Our InnovationWheel approach unlocks opportunities for your brand. It enables a wide exploration of customers and discovery of where your brand really can drive value.

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Pop-up Agency

Our Pop-up agency model delivers clients a dedicated, structured way to co-work with StormBrands ‘in-market’. We bring the agency team to the client and brand wherever the agency is needed in the world. Particularly useful for intensive projects and stages of heavy lifting in brand building. We put expertise and boots on the ground, utilising flexible workspaces and drop-in teams.

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We believe effective brand design requires an active use of a brands distinctive visual equity assets. This is critical in today’s world where brands exist in dynamic, interactive media and can become increasingly fragmented across the customer experience. V-equity identifies and enhances your core brand assets, delivering a dynamic design toolkit for deployment and integration across channels to deliver differentiation and distinctiveness for your brand.

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