Based in Shoreditch – one of the most progressive and creatively diverse places in London. Our team love the unique energy and vibrancy of one of London's most extraordinary historic districts. From Old Street to BoxPark, the Ace Hotel and Shoreditch House – this is the place to be.



Based in Yorkshire, a leading hub for creative businesses in the UK, our home studio is the beating heart of the agency. The mill from which we operate helped transform the North of England during the industrial revolution. Today it is the catalyst for a more contemporary form of transformation.

Hong Kong

Wan Chai

Based in Wan Chai a metropolitan area situated at the western part of the Wan Chai District on the northern shore of Hong Kong Island. One of the busiest commercial areas in Hong Kong with offices of many small and medium-sized companies.


Meat Packing District

Based in Chicago’s meatpacking district in an old industrial building. A really vibrant area full of art galleries, fashion boutiques, bars and restaurants. It’s certainly very lively - and that’s just how we like it. But you are only 3 blocks from Morgan Street L station and a short walk to Grand and UIC-Halstead.